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World Fantasy Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan- Funtush11

The Stage is set for probably the grandest derby in the sporting history when India will take on Pakistan at the Old Trafford on Sunday morning. It can’t get any bigger than this in International Cricket when two familiar foes battle it out in the ICC World Cup after every four years. Team India will be desperate to maintain the winning record against their noisy neighbors in the World Cups. Pakistan, on the contrary, would be hoping to create history this time around and register their first World Cup win against the Indian Team.  With more excitement and anticipation than ever, another mouth-watering tie awaits us when this age-old rivalry will unfold at Manchester on Sunday morning.http://www.funtush11.com

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Upgrades at camp for Simone Biles x

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Angelina Simakova | 1st place, 13.200 (5.2)

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Sima’s new mount (x)

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Ksenia Klimenko || 14.150 (5.8) (x)

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